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Chief Instructor 

Ian Edwards Sensei

4th DAN

Kimochi Ryu was created by Sensei Ian and is translated as 'Place of Feeling/State of mind'. From the age of 7 Sensei Ian has been training in karate, he has also studied  other combat disciplines including, Jujitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Krav Maga to achieve a more rounded knowledge martial arts. His continued training on seminars and courses asisits his growing knowledge. In 2009 he traveled to Japan and visited Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo to train in the JKA Hombu dojo.


Sensei Ian has competed at national and international level excelling in kumite and team kata events, he continues to compete and coach. Furthermore he is very interested in the practical self protection side of martial arts and consistently learns and adapts different viewpoints from his study thus making him a rounded practitioner. 

With this open mindset Sensei Ian has developed a training plan to focus on form and more importantly function to enhance the standard of the group. 


The values of our school is that no matter the ability of the students, each and every person should show spirit and feeling to get the best out of themselves and progress to their potential.

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